Laserdyne 606D

Dual laser processing machine with two independent, precision 3D laser cutting, welding, and drilling machines within a single structure.



Industry leading capability for laser processing, called SmartTechniques™, based on integrated control of the laser, motion, process gases, and process sensors.

BeamDirector® – fast, accurate, and the most compact 3D beam delivery including industry’s best 5 years unlimited warranty


Highest throughput in precision 3D laser cutting, welding, and drilling per unit of floor space from the dual workstation architecture, latest motion and control design, and high power fiber laser capability.


  • Energy efficient CW and QCW fiber laser sources
  • Low energy consumption direct drive linear and rotary motors
  • Two completely independent machines within one structure


  • Work area
    X 600 mm – Y 600 mm – Z 600 mm
    BeamDirector®:  C 900° – D 300°


  • Axis speed
    X, Y, Z: 50 m/min
    BeamDirector®: 90 rpm


  • Laser source
    Fiber QCW 9000 W – 20000 W
    Fiber CW up to 4000 W

Highest throughput per unit floor space in precision 3D laser cutting, welding, and drilling

The LASERDYNE 606D features two completely independent, precision 5-7 axis laser cutting, welding, and drilling machines within a single, unitized structure.  These machines are designed for  cutting, welding, and drilling medium-size 3D parts with a unique moving beam motion system.  Designed and constructed for high-speed operation without compromising mechanical accuracy, it is ideal for laser processing 3D parts used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Aerospace – turbine engine combustion liners, exhaust and heat shield components, nozzle guide vanes and blades (cylindrical and shaped cooling holes)
  • Medical device – orthopedic implants, spinal implants, surgical tools
  • Electronics – components and assemblies
  • Automotive – prototypes, custom components
  • General fabricating – stamped and spun parts, tubing

The LASERDYNE 606D can be configured with the same or different fiber lasers in each of the machines.  Likewise, it can be configured with a different number and type of axes in each of the machines.  For example, one machine can be configured with three linear axes and the LASERDYNE BeamDirector® while the second can be configured with the three linear axes and a rotary-tilt table combinations, either with or without the BeamDirector.  The moving architecture of the linear axes simplifies automation of part load and unload.

Caratteristiche principali

The unitized structure of the 606D is produced from cast synthetic granite which provides excellent vibration damping within each machine and between machines, further contributing to the independence of the two machines.  Direct drive linear and rotary (for BeamDirector) motors along with carbon fiber composite structures designed with the aid of FEM (finite element modeling) lead to precise, high speed motion required for high speed trepanning of small holes, high speed machining of shaped holes, and high speed positioning with low settling times.

The third generation BeamDirector is the most compact of all 3D laser heads for high power laser processing available today.  It is the only head that can position at 10 degrees from a workpiece surface along the entire travel of the axes without any interference.  Travel of the D (tilt) axis allows for processing 60° above horizontal.  It is the only high power 3D laser processing head to include a 5-year, unlimited hours warranty against crash-related damage.

Integrated control of all laser, motion, process gases, and process sensors (e.g. OFC2 ABSOLUTE) through the LASERDYNE exclusive S94P Laser Process Control is the basis for SmartTechniques, a suite of features that elevate the capability of laser processing and eliminated some of the previous limitations of laser processing.  SmartTechniques include:

  • SmartPierce™ Intelligent Start to Cutting and Drilling™ – minimizes spatter formation during laser cutting/ drilling
  • SmartRamp™ Weld Profile Control™ – weld indentation at the end of the weld
  • SmartStop™ Laser Drilling Control™ – reduces back wall damage during laser drilling
  • SmartShield™ Laser Weld and Focusing Optics Protection™ – protects both nozzle optics as well weld from oxidation
  • SmartSense™ Precision Optical Feature Finding™ – determines the location of key reference features

Other standard features of the LASERDYNE 606D are:

  • Auto Focus Control (AFC) – a unique LASERDYNE feature for maintaining a constant offset between the laser processing nozzle and workpiece. Rather than using a separate axis for focus control, the LASERDYNE AFC maintains the offset by controlling an unlimited travel, software axis called the “R” axis. Additional capability derived from this approach are:
    • AutoNormal™ quickly and accurately positions the BeamDirector normal (perpendicular) or any desired angle to any surface
    • Feature Finding™ locates tooling and part reference features
    • In-Fixture Gaging™ verifies correct work piece location
    • Selectable Seek™ allows automatic focus control along a selectable axis – a must for maintaining correct position of laser drilled holes on a ‘waterline’
  • SPC – Data Acquisition™ –  SPC (Statistical Process Control) – Data Acquisition™ is an exclusive feature of LASERDYNE SYSTEMS that monitors and records key processing data used to create each part.  It monitors key system functions and records the data in a permanent record.   The data recorded can be tested with Boolean logic to create an in-process Go / No Go gauge. The intent of this feature is to help ensure that the laser process is stable and produces constant output.  It is used to create records which the user can use to document conformance to AC7116/4 – NADCAP Audit Criteria for Laser Beam Machining (LBM).