Laserdyne 795

The premier multi-axis laser processing system for drilling, welding and cutting precision components


Reliability and efficiency

Machine and laser generator by Prima Group – over 30 years of experience in laser material processing technology

BeamDirector® – fast, accurate, and most versatile 3D beam delivery including industries best 5 years unlimited warranty

Flexibility and user friendliness

The most versatile processing platform available today for land based or aerospace turbine components. Providing access to the most difficult part geometries


  • – Energy efficient laser sources –Nd:YAG, fiber and CO2


  • – Low operating costs and minimal maintenance


  • – Proven long lifetime performance for lowest capital cost amortization


  • Work area
    XS:  X 1,000 mm – Y 1,000 mm – Z 1,000 mm
    XL:  X 2,000 mm – Y 1,000 mm – Z 1,000 mm
    BeamDirector®:  C 900° – D 300°


  • Axis speed
    X, Y, Z: 20 m/min
    BeamDirector®: 90 rpm


  • Laser source
    Nd:YAG CL50k
    CO2 CV 4000 W
    Fiber QCW 9000 W – 20000 W

The system for the most demanding laser processing applications worldwide

The LASERDYNE 795, a 5-axis laser machining system, is designed to drill, cut and weld medium to large 3D parts with a unique moving beam motion system. Constructed for high-speed operation without compromising mechanical accuracy, it is the first and only standard built multi-axis laser system to guarantee volumetric accuracy. Typical applications include processing:
  • Combustion liners
  • Exhaust and heat shield
  • Tubing and hydro-formed parts
  • Nozzle guide vanes and blades
  • Stamped and spun parts
  • Automotive prototypes
  • Shaped Holes for land-based and aero turbine components
The LASERDYNE 795 is designed to accept CO2, Nd:YAG and now fiber lasers for cutting, drilling and welding 2D and 3D parts.  These systems are used by aerospace, turbine engine and contract manufacturing companies that require flexibility of motion and tight tolerances when laser processing. The open frame architecture and moving beam motion system allows the system to be configured to handle parts of virtually unlimited size.
The 795 is the first system to incorporate the third generation of field proven direct drive LASERDYNE SYSTEMS BeamDirector® with a fully integrated Automatic Focus Control AFC™ as a standard feature.

Caratteristiche principali

Rigid structure incorporates a granite base with a heavy-duty steel weldment construction with precision machined surfaces, large diameter, high rigidity ball screws, wide track rails and long bearing bars

The mass and center of gravity concentrated at floor-level with three-point leveling, oversized pads, forklift and eye-bolt lift points

Performance is a function of the combined features of speed, accuracy and stability – fast contouring while maintaining 3D accuracy yields smoother cuts on three-dimensional parts

Networkable Controller with dual CPUs and Windows XP™

High capacity BeamDirector direct drive design eliminates gears and belts for higher accuracy, allowing greater travel and reach over zero offset style wrists

Capable of processing 60° above horizontal

Unique, comprehensive crash protection with exclusive 5-year warranty against crash-related damages for the BeamDirector

Auto Focus Control (AFC) – a unique LASERDYNE concept. All machine axes react to sensing of part surface creating unlimited “R” axis correction with speed and unmatched sensitivity.

AutoNormal™ quickly and accurately positions the BeamDirector to any surface.

Feature Finding™ locates tooling and part reference features.

In-Fixture Gaging™ verifies correct work piece location

Selectable Seek™ allows automatic focus control along a selectable axis – a must for aerospace/turbine part processing

System 94P laser process control programs with G and M codes, designed specifically for laser processing, providing integrated laser and motion control

Adaptive Hole Size Control – The single, best method of producing the highest quality laser drilled holes. It is based on drilling at focus and can only be accomplished on systems equipped with CONVERGENT LASERS CL50k laser.  It will ensure hole size and critical flow requirements with minimal operator involvement.  The concept of “Adaptive Hole Size Control” is a means in which the LASERDYNE System 94P Laser Process Control Systems accept and react to information coming from a laser drilled hole.  Once data is input, the System 94P will determine if there is a requirement for corrective action to the process. Data can be introduced to the S94P CNC in two ways; either by direct input from the system operator – Hole Diameter Compensation – HDC™ or by direct connection to a customer’s air flow measuring system – FlowComp™

SPC – Data Acquisition™ –  SPC (Statistical Process Control) – Data Acquisition™ is an exclusive feature of LASERDYNE SYSTEMS that monitors and records key processing data used to create each part.  It monitors key system functions and records the data in a permanent record.   The data recorded can be tested with Boolean logic to create an in-process Go / No Go gauge. The intent of this feature is to help ensure that the laser process is stable and produces constant output.  It is used to create records the user can prove are conforming to AC7116/4 – Nadcap Audit Criteria for Laser Beam Machining (LBM).